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Who is WoVe?

The "Verein Studentische Wohnvermittlung - WoVe" is a non profit organisation aiming at providing people enrolled in educational programmes with housing at the lowest rates possible. Further infomation can be found here.

What are the criteria to qualify for lodging with WoVe?

Everyone currently enrolled in a fulltime programme of the public educational institutions of northwestern Switzerland or entering one within the next three months can avail our service. Thus all tenants have to hand in a confirmation of their enrollment every semester. After finishing or abandonig your education, the lease contract has to be cancelled immediately. PhD students may also reside in our venues, but are charged a solidarity fee of CHF 50.- p.m., unless they can prove that their income, including all scholarships, grants and similar, does not exceed CHF 2'500.- p.m. Attention: The following venues are reserved for bachelor- and masterstudents, as well as for aprentices: Bartenheimerstr. 32-36, Burgunderstr. 2/4, Claramattweg 11, Erasmusplatz 6 - 8, Feldbergstr. 25/27, Gartenstrasse 66, Petersgraben 1, Rastatterst. 45, Socinstr. 6 and Theodorsgraben 32.

I’m about to start an education in Basel, thus i’m looking for a room in a housing community – how should i proceed?

Apply for our service using the respective form. As soon as your application fee has been transferred, we'll send you a detailed list with all our current offers including the possible dates for moving in. Your application stay valid for one year, during that time you can ask for an updated list at any time via email. Attention: Our housing communities are free to choose their rooommates. Thus, when you've come to terms, the community has to confirm us that they had decided in favour of you. Otherwise we cannot prepare a contract for you. An overview of all properties with rooms to let can be found here. Attention: Our unfurnished rooms are not let for periods of less than a year. For shorter stays there are several furnished rooms available.

Is there a minimal period to rent a room via WoVe?

For legal and aminstrative reasons, we usually cannot provide any contract for a period of less than three months. Persons that are looking for an accommodation for less than one year, are kindly asked to apply for furnished objects.

I’m looking for a furnished room – what do i have to do?

An overview of all properties with rooms to let can be found here. Apply for our service using the respective form. As soon as your application fee has been transferred, we'll send you a detailed list with all our current offers. Your application stays valid for one year, during that time you can at any time ask for an updated list via email.

What does the term “furnished” include?

In our furnished rooms there is at least a table / desk, a chair, a cupboard and a bed with linen available. All our kitchens are fully equipped with kitchenware and -linen. In addition WoVe provides internet access in almost all venues. However, quality and availability of the latter cannot be guaranteed by WoVe.

I need more than one room – is there a possibility to rent a whole apartment?

We are anxious to provide housing to as many persons as possibly. Larger flats are thus generally not let to single persons. Still we do have a number of smaller flats at our disposal that are not apt for more than one person or a couple. Some of them are furnished, others are not. The application procedure is exactly the same as for single rooms.

We’re looking for a flat for more than one person – can WoVe help us there?

To be able to accommodate as many students as possible, we let our flats roomwise. Sometimes however - especially after the end of the spring semester - it occurs, that all tenants cancel their lease simutamously. In this case preexisting groups are favoured when letting the flat.

I’ve decided upon a certain room / flat – what next?

Please inform us about your choice. Keep in mind, that in the case of housing communities, your future roommates have to confirm that they have decided in favour of you. At that point we will prepare your contract - given the respective application fee has been transferred beforehand. Please sign two copies of this contract and hand in the originals within two weeks. From the contract you learn the height of the rental deposit you have to provide. As soon as you know the date of your arrival we can arrange a date for the handover of the keys and all the necessary documents. Please note, that we will not hand out any keys unless the rental deposit has been transferred at least two day in advance. Attention: Please note that we take any commitment for a certain object as compulsory. Hence, if we prepare a contract which you choose not to take, we will have to charge you the extra costs.

What about that “rental deposit”?

The rental deposit is a bailout for the lessor, that has to be paid in any case befor the beginning of the tennancy. ATTENTION: WoVe does not handout any keys, before the deposit has been paid. It is used to cover the costs for possible repair- or cleaning work necessary after the end of the tenancy. Accordingly it is held back until the described works have been accomplished mutually. The remainig amount is then transferred to any account denoted by the former tennant. To be able to perform this transaction, we need the following information: Name and address of the bank, name and address of the owner of the account and the IBAN nuber. This is usually done within thirty days. Possible costs for this transaction are fully charged. The deposit bears interest according to the current rates of the Basler Kantonalbank. A disbursal in cash is not possible. ATTENTION: The rental deposit cannot be set off against the rent. The last rent has to be paid in any case.

When can i move in or out?

Our rental contracts all last from the first to the last day of any given month. It is not possible to utilise a room beyond the limits of the agreement. Hence it is not possible to move in before the first of the month the contract starts and the inspection of the room at the end of a stay has do be done before the end of the month the contract ends. Attention: Our unfurnished rooms are not let for periods of less than a year.

What account details should i use?

Payments for Rent, Deposit and Reminder Fees have to be Addressed to the Follwing Account: Beneficiary: VEREIN STUDENTISCHE WOHNVERMITTLUNG WOVE PC-Account: 40-24623-5 IBAN: CH79 0900 0000 4002 4623 5 Clearing No. : 09000 Swift: POFICHBE Bank: PostFinance | Mingerstrasse 20 | CH-3030 Bern For the Application Fee, the Account Details Given on the Respective Application Form Has to Be Used.

What about that liability insurance?

Potential damages inflicted to the let can cost a lot of money. To hedge our tenants and ourselves from fiancial risks, WoVe insists on the acquisition of a liability insurance. This has to be verifies by handing in a copy of a valid policy. Students from Switzerland and its neighbouring countries are often included in their families policy. In that case the insurance company has to confirm that the policy also covers damages caused at the foreign place of education. For your own belongings, we recommend a household insurance (Hausratversicherung). This insurance usually pays even if keys are lost or stolen (see contract about lost keys). To the best of our knowledge the Swiss insurance Axa Winterthur offers the best conditions for the private liability insurance. With the discounts applicable, the annual fee is about SFr. 80.- and is reimbursed pro rata upon premature leaving of Switzerland. Documents in languages other than english and german can be asked for here ATTENTION: The confirmation has to be brought before moving in. Thus you have to take care of it already from abroad.

I want to move out – What do i have to do?

First your rental contract has to be cancelled. A cancellation is only valid written and with a genuine signature. This means the cancellation has to be sent to WoVe by mail or brought to our office personally - A cancellation by Email is NOT valid. In your rental contract you find the applicable term of notice. For unfurnished objects this is usually three months, for furnished two. If you plan to move out at the end of a fixed term contract, no cancellation is necessary. The cancellation has to arrive at WoVe in any case the day before the cancellation period is to start the latest. Tennancy cannot end on December 31st.

My Departure is Approaching – What Do i Need to Do until Then

The day of your departure, your room is to be checked by WoVe. Please contact your custodian at least two weaks earlier to fix a date during the usual office hours. If this is not done in time, WoVe will charge CHF 50.- for the extra administrative effort. For the inspection everything has to be thoroughly cleaned and - in case of unfurnished objects - empty. The premises will be assessed for cleanness and possible damages. The protocol you've signed when moving in and the respective checklist or the "Merkblatt Auszug" serve as guidelines. The commonly used areas have to be accessible and neat. If a second appointment is necessary, because for any reason some areas cannot be inspected properly, WoVe will charge CHF 50.-. In case any cleaning is necessary after your departure or if any leftovers have to be disposed of, WoVe will fully charge the additional effort needed, but at least CHF 50.-. Please note that any garbage or paper may only be put out for disposal the evening before the rubbish collection. Please ask one of your neighbours to do so, in case your departure is not on such an evening. If WoVe has to take care of illegally disposed material, the effort will be charged as well.

I would like to move to another room or flat – how should i proceed?

Relocating within your housing community or even to another apartment within our portfolio is well possible. However, for the administrative effort, we have to charge CHF 50.-. Moving from one furnished room to another is only considered as an internal relocationif the two rental contracts are subsequent. Otherwise the application fee comes due again. WoVe reserves the right deny internal relocations especially for tenants that previously have received a threat of cancellation. ATTENTION: As with any other cancellation, the respective term of notice applies.