Looking for a Room

Some Basic Information

  • Purpose of WoVe is to provide living space at fair rates to people in education. Thus we rent our rooms exclusively to people currently enrolled in or starting a fulltime programme of the public educational institutions of northwestern Switzerland within the next three months.
  • Our housing communities are free to pick their roommates. Thus an application with WoVe does not imply any kind of claim to a specific room.
  • For the unfurnished one-room flats as well as for all furnished offers the date of application is the decisive criterion if several persons apply for the same offer.
  • Application to WoVe costs a fee according to the application form. It is valid for one year. During this time updated lists with our offers can be asked for at any time.
  • Persons with a monthly income of CHF 2’500.- or more – PhD students for example – have to pay a solidarity surcharge of CHF 50.- per month in addition to the rent.
  • Some of our estates are subsidised according to the “eidgenössisches Wohnbau- und Eigentumsförderungsgesetz” (WEG) law. This implies that in these housing communities no one with a monthly salary of more than CHF 1’800.- can live. In addition, the collective wage bill of the whole community may not excess CHF 50’000.- per year.
  • Both the map and the list found on the respective subsite show our entire portfolio. Neither of them makes a statement concerning the availability of rooms in any of the given venues.
  • Attention: For legal snd administrative Reasons, we cannot make any contact for a period of less than three months.